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Change the way you see the world  and the way it sees you with our three creative eyelash extension treatments.


Eyelash extensions are innovative false lashes individually applied to your real lashes, extending the natural lash for a fuller, thicker, longer looking eyelash. Come back after 2-3 weeks for full service touch-ups and replacements!

Awe-Inspiring Eyelashes!

Natural Look - 30 lashes on each eye


Party Look - 40 lashes on each eye


Red Carpet Look - 50 lashes on each eye


Eyelash Extension Touch-Up After 2 Weeks


Eyelash Extension Touch-Up After 3 Weeks


False Eyelashes


Our state-of-the-art false eyelashes consist of a single strip of lashes attached individually to each eye lid with a 100% safe glue.  False eyelashes are for onetime use and ideal for a special occasion or party.

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Craft The Perfect Window To Your Soul.

Full Set of Lashes